Beef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition by T. Perry, M. Cecava PDF

By T. Perry, M. Cecava

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The net energy system is based on two calculations, namely, net energy for maintenance (NEro) and net energy for gain (NEg). Perhaps the major advantage of separate net energy calculations for maintenance and for gain is that animal requirements do not vary when different roughage to concentrate ratios are used. The net energy system can be used to calculate the quantity of a given ration needed to meet an energy need or to formulate a diet to supply the needed concentration of energy per unit of dry matter.

8 mg carotene per day; sun-cured alfalfa diet contributed 45 mg carotene per day. epiphyseal junction in severe or prolonged vitamin D deficiency and the tension of the muscles will cause a bending and twisting of the long bones to give the characteristic deformity of the bone. There is enlargement at the ends of the bones due to the deposit of excess cartilage, giving the characteristic "beading" effect along the sternum at the point of attachment of the rib bones. 4). In mature animals a condition of osteomalacia or, literally, a wearing away of the bones characterizes a prolonged vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin Requirements of Beef Cattle interfered with such that there may be a relative deficiency of at least some of the B-vitamins. A. Thiamin Under certain conditions a relative thiamin deficiency may develop. Although thiamin (vitamin B 1) should be synthesized in sufficient quantities in the rumen, a condition known as polioencephalomalacia (often called "circling disease" because of that characteristic in affected cattle) may develop. This condition may be alleviated in a matter of 1 h or less by the intramuscular injection of thiamin.

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