John J. Mettler's Basic butchering of livestock & game PDF

By John J. Mettler

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This advisor takes the secret out of butchering, overlaying every thing you want to be aware of to provide your individual professional cuts of red meat, venison, beef, lamb, chook, and small video game. John J. Mettler Jr. presents easy-to-follow directions that stroll you thru each step of the slaughtering and butchering strategy, in addition to lots of recommendation on every little thing from tips on how to gown video game in a box to salting, smoking, and curing strategies. You’ll quickly be having fun with the satisfyingly more suitable flavors that include butchering your personal meat. 

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Remove the femur from the round and then divide it into bottom round and top round. CHAPTER 2. BEEF 33 You may make steaks or roasts out of bottom round, top round, and tip (figure 2-15H). Top round is of highest quality, bottom excellent but not quite as tender, and tip is broiling quality only in better-quality animals. Cut the gambrel tendon loose and by following the shank bone with your knife, remove the heel of the round for pot roast (figure 2-15I). Trim the rest of the shank for stew or ground beef.

Before you can make a rolled rib, you must remove the ribs, backbone, yellow back strap, and cartilage that makes up the top of the shoulder blade. 26 CHAPTER 2. BEEF Standing Rib Roasts Rolled Rib Roast backbone Figure 2-14D (continued). Figure 2-14E. Cut the plate into 2-inch strips to make short ribs. CHAPTER 2. BEEF 27 block brisket shank arm Figure 2-14F. You will work first with the shank, the brisket, the arm, and the block. block arm arm Figure 2-14G. Separate the arm from the block by cutting behind and parallel to the bone in the arm.

Separate the arm from the block by cutting behind and parallel to the bone in the arm (figure 2-14G). Bone the arm and, after removing extra fat, roll for pot roast. Separate the block from the English Cut, leaving two ribs on the English Cut (figure 2-14H). With rib removed, these cuts are also referred to as Boston Cut or Cross Rib. Working on the head end of the forequarter, separate the neck from the shoulder just ahead of the shoulder joint, and the chuck blade from the shoulder by a cut just behind the joint (figure 2-14I).

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