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Gupta and Datta S. Kharbas 27 Turkey, Meral Güçlü 28 Cyprus, P. M. Kitromilides and M. L. Evriviades 29 Oman, Frank A. Clements 31 Finland, J. E. O. Screen 32 Poland, Richard C. Lewanski 33 Tunisia, Allan M. Findlay, Anne M. Findlay and Richard I. Lawless 34 Scotland, Eric G. Grant 35 China, Peter Cheng 36 Qatar, P. T. H. Unwin 37 Iceland, John J. Horton 38 Nepal, Dina Nath Wadhwa 39 Haiti, Frances Chambers 40 Sudan, M. W. Daly 41 Vatican City State, Michael J. Walsh 42 Iraq, A. J. Abdulrahman 43 United Arab Emirates, Frank A.

Bibliog. A history of exploration in the North Atlantic Ocean from St. Brendan and the Irish monks in 400-600 to the founding of the first and second Virginia colonies in 1585. D. 1492-1616. Samuel Eliot Morison. New York: Oxford University Press, 1974. 758p. maps. bibliog. This history complements the author's previous volume dealing with the European discovery of America. -1625) and Jakob Le Maire (1585-1616). 22 The great explorers: the European discovery of America. Samuel Eliot Morison. New York: Oxford University Press, 1978.

22 The great explorers: the European discovery of America. Samuel Eliot Morison. New York: Oxford University Press, 1978. 752p. maps. ). 23 The Atlantic; a history of an ocean. Leonard Outhwaite. New York: Coward-McCann; London: Constable, 1957. 479p. maps. bibliog. An attempt to gather together the main facts about the Atlantic Ocean namely: its discovery by early explorers; the development of trade; and the societies bordering its shores. The book concludes with a critical bibliography. The author is himself a seasoned Atlantic navigator.

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