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Monochromatic dissection of a continuous spectrum by monochromators can be achieved in three ways: 1. The light beam passes through a filter system. The filters may be colored glass or special interference filters that allow very narrow spectral cuts. 2. The light enters into a glass or quartz prism (that is also transmissible by UV light) and there it is dispersed into the colors contained in the entering light beam. From the rainbow-like dispersed spectrum, the color wanted is taken by screening off the other colors.

Under light impact, they reduce their electrical resistance up to about 104 times. They are used in portable instruments like light exposure meters. 3. Based on the photovoltaic effect, photoelements are constructed from crystals like Se, Si, Cu2O or metallic Cu. On light impact, they create an electric potential by internally separating positive and negative charges. They are actually in use to transform sunlight photons into electric energy and also as light meters. The devices described are mostly used in portable instruments.

The remaining chlorophylls c, d, and e have been found in some Chromophyta (Chromista) algae such as brown algae and brown and red seaweeds and also in the single-celled marine algae making up the phytoplankton of the oceans. , phycobilins in cyanobacteria and red algae and carotenoids in Chromista that make them appear yellow or brown. 23 Terrestrial plants are divided into two groups: nonvascular plants lacking ligninimpregnated conducting cells and vascular plants containing specialized transporting cells.

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