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This reference guide is the 1st to supply a entire assessment, systematically characterizing all recognized transporters concerned with drug removing and resistance. Combining fresh wisdom on all identified sessions of drug vendors, from microbes to guy, it starts off with a glance at human and mammalian transporters.

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S i g m u n d : Ferrocenpolystyrol-Redoxit. Angew. Chem. 73, 299 (1961). Schaaf, R. L . : Unsymmetrically-Substituted Siloxanylferrocenes. U S P 3036105, angem. 8. 60, ausgeg. 22. S. 62. Sosin, S. , V. V. K o r s h a k u. V. 20. Alekseeva: Polymere und Copolymere yon Ferrocenderivaten~ erhalten durch Polyrekombination. Bet. Akad. Wiss. ) 749, 327 (1963). F e r r o c e n als G r u n d b a u s t e i n der m a k r o m o l e k u l a r e n Chemie 89. Spilners, I. , a n d J. P. Pellegrini jr. : Synthesis of Polyferrocenylene.

Korshak, V. V. Voevodskij, N. S. Kotschetkova, S. L. Sosin, R. B. Materikova, T. N. Bolotnikova, V. M . Tschibrikin u. N . M . B a z i n : Die S y n t h e s e u n d einige o p t i s c h - m a g n e t i s c h e E i g e n s c h a f t e n y o n P o l y f e r r o c e n c n . Ber. A k a d . Wiss. ) 137/6, 1370 (1961). 57. - - u. I. I. K r i t s k a j a : 0 b e r die I ( o n d e n s a t i o n des F e r r o c e n s m i t A l d e h y d e n . N a c h r . A k a d . W i s s . U d S S R , A b t . c h e m .

Inorg. , 1, 56 (1959). 14. Fra$er, A . , W . Sweeny, and F . T. Wallenberger : Poly(1,3,4-Oxydiazoles). A new Class of Polymers by Cyclodehydration of Polyhydrazides. J. Polymer Sci. A 2, 1157 (1964). 15. G6ller, W . : Ober die Synthese yon Ferroccndcrivatcn und ihren Einbau in Makromolektlle dutch Polykondensation. Diss. Stuttgart, Technische Hochschule 1958. 16. Goldberg, S. I. : Pcntaethanodiferrocene. J. Amer. chem. Soc. 8d, 3022 (1960). 17. Golubeva, I. A . , u. T. P . Vishnjahova : Die Heteropolykondensation yon Acetylferrocen mit Harnstoff.

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