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Of these elements in the agglomerating solid material, and has been "degassing" continuously since then through plutonic activity, volcanism, diffusion, meteorite impact, or other causes, they should have built up to very appreciable concentrations, if not continuously removed by a pumping mechanism. In addition, there are a number of processes which 38 L. F. HERZOG would have produced some of their isotopes within the Moon or on its surface in quantities which are not negligible, so that, again, they should be found trapped in the lunar atmosphere if gas does migrate from within the Moon to its surface due to any of the processes that have been postulated.

C4). As they stated (p. 234): An enormous amount of money and effort is being expended to obtain lunar samples for Earth study. The ultimate value of these samples depends on the amount of samples, the variety of samples, and the suitability of the samples for certain types of study. It is clear that the effort to obtain samples in the first place should be matched by a corresponding effort to insure that the samples are the best possible that can be obtained from the mission. The quality as well as the quantity of the sample to be considered is especially important in view of the limited sample-return capability of the lunar missions.

However, in the case of individual gas species which are not major constituents, especially those of higher mass, the contamination effect will be correspondingly more severe as the partial pressure of the species in the uncontaminated atmosphere decreases. It has been clear all along that for best results an analysis of the lunar atmosphere should have been performed before the first retrorocket firing, for example during the Ranger series; but apparently those of us who believed that such an experiment was important did not present the case for it strongly enough, as it was not made then.

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