Air War Over Italy by Andrew Brookes PDF

By Andrew Brookes

ISBN-10: 0711026904

ISBN-13: 9780711026902

Хронология войны над Италией во время Второй Мировой Войны. Много интересных фотографий.
Количество страниц: 160
Язык: английский

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Temporal Power: The Pope’s role as ruler of the various Papal States in central Italy (as opposed to his ecclesiastical power as head of the Church, and his spiritual authority on matters of faith and morals). The nineteenth-century Church regarded the Temporal Power as essential, for otherwise the Pope would become the subject of a secular sovereign. qxd 6 4/22/09 8:58 AM Page 6 THE ITALIAN RISORGIMENTO jobs: the true weakness of the old regimes was not despotism or corruption, but failing to distribute enough patronage.

The sons would no longer go into the Church, nor could they easily join the local army. In Rome Cardinal Consalvi recognized the problem. He founded a new ‘Noble Guard’ specifically to satisfy the aristocrats’ needs, but it had only 120 members, and they received no pay. The Restoration states also had serious problems with their administrative machinery. They nearly all retained the French structure and purged only the 25 Capopopolo (capipopolo): Popular leader(s), particularly of urban artisans during insurrections.

Parliamentary governments depended on local elites, who controlled the vote; these diverse elites therefore had to be allowed very considerable local power, and a large share in ‘national’ influence (Romanelli, 1988). In recent years many historians have also become more ‘regionalist’ in outlook. They stress that each region had its own traditions, which often survived unification. Southern historians, for example, show that the pre-1861 south was not a stagnant society, and that some of its peculiar institutions, like the huge latifondo estates, may have been an appropriate (and sometimes quite recent) response to existing market forces and technology (Petrusewicz, 1996).

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