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By Nicola Barber

ISBN-10: 1615356355

ISBN-13: 9781615356355

An informative sequence that appears at international locations in a country of transformation and assesses the advantages in addition to the demanding situations of switch.

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39 Both Wordsworth and Coleridge supported the war, inspired by the romantic idealism of a people’s armed struggle against tyranny. 40 In her 1808 poem, ‘England and Spain’, Hemans evoked the spirit of the reconquest and the Cid, claiming that, whilst the golden age of Spanish chivalry had passed, it had not been entirely lost. ‘Genius of Chivalry! 42 Viewed from afar, the events of the summer of 1808 in the Iberian Peninsula certainly lent themselves to romantic fancy. Not only was it a time of popular uprisings, but the Spanish army won a stunning victory over the French at the Battle of Bailén (19 July) in Andalusia.

British interests then shifted to the Spanish New World. 21 Still, British interest in expeditions to South America remained undiminished, with plans to send off another force in 1808. Such was Britain’s relationship with Spain on the eve of the Spanish uprisings against Napoleon – a state of war. But Spain was about to be imagined anew. The call of Iberian patriotism and chivalry It was not so much the news of the Madrid uprising that stirred the hearts and minds of the British public in 1808, but rather the arrival in England of two Spanish noblemen, Viscount Matarosa and Don Diego de la Vega.

Socially diverse, these officers were united through being ‘gentlemen’. Gentlemanliness encompassed many values and attributes, especially where both ‘military’ and ‘civilian’ spheres converged in the figure of the ‘officer and a gentleman’. 77 Yet there were also important ‘civil’ dimensions to the gentlemanly identity and behaviour of British officers. 80 Officers during the Peninsular War practised a range of polite gentlemanly accomplishments, from dancing and theatrical productions, to travel, writing and reading.

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