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By A.R. Katritzky, A.J. Boulton (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120206188

ISBN-13: 9780120206186

(from preface)The current quantity contains a wide selection of heterocyclic chemistry. Syntheses of heterocycles from thioureas are reviewed by means of T. S. Griffin, T. S. Woods, and I). L. Klayman, whereas eight. W. Schneller describes the chemistry of benzothiins and their derivatives (thiochromans. thiochromones, and thio-chromanones). advancements in chrom-3-ene chemistry are reviewed by way of L. Merlini. F. D. Popp contributes a bankruptcy at the isatins. A dialogue of theoretical features of the tautomerism of pyrimidines, via J. S. Kwiatkowski and B. Pullman, follows up a corresponding prior contribution (Vol. thirteen) on tautomeric purines. within the ultimate bankruptcy P. and D. Cagniant describe the normal incidence ami synthesis of the bcnzofurans.

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Hallmann, Chem. Ber. 95,1138 (1962). E Giovannini and T. Lorcnz, Helv. Chim. Acta 40, 1553 (1957). 22 [Sec. B FRANK D. ~~~~~~~ Generally, however, lithium aluminium hydride reduction is used t o convert isatins to indoles. Thus, 4,5,6-trimethoxyi~atin,~~~ 5-bromoi ~ a t i n5-chloro-6-methoxy-l-methylisatin,253 ,~~~ 1-ethyl- and l-methyli ~ a t i nand ,~~ 4,6-dimethoxyisatin ~ g4 all gave the corresponding indoles. 165 Catalytic hydrogenation over platinum oxide of N-methylisetin and isatin- 1-propionic acid gave 70.

Cltim. Ital. 73, 306 (1043). C i . Jacini, Gazz. C I L ~ VItnl. ) ~ . 5 (1947). 42 [Sec. 2 FRANK D. 452I n related reactions 2-aminoethylthi01,~~~ 3-aminopropylthi01,~~~ and ethanedit h i 0 1 react ~ ~ ~ to give spiro compounds, such as 160. 455a CN CN I I H ( 160a) P. DeMayo and J. J. Ryan, Chem. , 88 (1967). G. F. Field, Chem. , 886 (1969). 449 H. Brcderrck and G. Schmotzcr, Justus Liebigs A n n . Chem. 600,95 (1956). 450 F. D. Popp,J. Heteromycl. Chem. 11, 79 (1974). H. MeDougall ant1 S. H. Malik, J.

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