Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During the Korean War - download pdf or read online

By Richard F. Haines

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3. There is a close similarity between this description and that given by a commercial airline flight crew over Lake Michigan on July 4, 1981. See (Haines, 1982; 1983). Another case which the author has studied includes similar visual characteristics. An unidentified circular, apparently metallic object having a dark spot centered on its upper surface was photographed in 1971 by an official Costa Rican government airplane during a ground mapping flight (Haines and Vallee, 1989; 1990). Our extensive photographic analysis could not provide a reasonable explanation for the image.

Cited as a cross reference, was IR-35-52. The file contained a report by a pilot flying at 10,500 feet altitude near coordinate K-3 and by a ground radar observer. First the pilot's report: "Richmond 18 (flight name) reports strange non-conventional aircraft passed him 500 yards on starboard wing about 1000 feet higher. Aircraft had ball of fire at the rear with a very long streamer of flame. Object (was) glimpsed at front before passing was not of any type known. Aircraft was going at a very high rate of speed.

It was first observed at 1503/I and was out of sight at 1504/I on 20 June 1952. Page 49 "3. Visual observation was made from approximately 5300 feet, aircraft were in a left orbit south of their target indicating 180 knots. Type aircraft flown were F4U-4B (Figure 9). "4. Observers were (at) CT 0909 over the west central sector of Korea. Object was approximately 4000 feet below and about two (2) miles away from the reporting aircraft. Altitude of object was estimated at 1000 feet. It approached from the south and made a 360 deg Figure 9 F4U-4B Aircraft in Flight (Reproduced by permission of the National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution) Page 50 orbit of the CT 091129 area and headed off on an easterly direction and was out of sight at CT 120118.

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