A text-book of general physics for colleges; mechanics and by Joseph Albertus Culler PDF

By Joseph Albertus Culler

Initially released in 1909. This quantity from the Cornell college Library's print collections used to be scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 layout by means of Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned disguise to hide and pages may perhaps contain marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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Times the displace- divided by the square of the period, or acceleration is proportional to displacement. The phase of vibration is the number of degrees in an arc from the position of the moving point to the point from which the angle is reckoned. In Fig. 36 the phase of the point P is PoA. Phase is also often indicated by the ratio of the angle to the circumference. For example, if of the circle of reference, the angle PoA the phase is is 60°, the -|— = 4, phase is ^, or \. If called often the quarter; the angle is 90°, 180°, the half; 120°, the third.

Numerous applications of these principles will be found in later pages of this work. Fig. 20. 15. Methods of Calculating Resultants. —Two methods — are commonly used in finding the magnitude and direction of the resultant when the components are known, ^namely, the graphical and the mathematical. By the graphical method exact drawings are made in the manner just indicated, the vectors being drawn on some convenient scale and true in direction. The resultant is then measured and its value found from the scale adopted.

5. If a force of 500 lbs. is required to push a car on a straight track, what force would be needed if applied in a line making an angle of 30° 1. with the track? 6. What cm. in 10 force sec. is required to move a mass of 75 g. a distance of 200 ? 7. When wind blows at right angles to the plane of rotation of a turbine wheel, show by inspection of the table of sines and cosines that the maximum rotating effect wiU be obtained when the blades are set at an angle of 45° to the direction of the wind.

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