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By K H Overton

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Maruyama and T. Takahashi, Chem. Letters, 1974, 467. S. B. Pedersen and E. Larsen, Acta Chem. , 1973, 27, 3291. N. El Batouti and J. Sotiropoulos, Compt. , 1974, 278, C , 1109. V. I. Moskvichev and L. A. Kheifits, Zhur. org. , 1973, 9, 1444, 2256; T. F. Gavrilova, 1. S. Aul'chenko, L. A. Kheifits, N. D. A. , p. 2260; cJ Vol. 4, p. 44. R. J. Abraham, M. A. Cooper, H. Indyk, T. M. Siverns, and D. Whittaker, Org. Magn. Resonance, 1973,5, 373. G. F. Richards, R. A. Moran, J. A. Heitmann, and W. E. Scott, J.

Sands, Synth. , 1973,3, 81; such a reaction might appear possible, but the Reporter has found Sands’s work to be erroneous. W. T. Brady and A. D. Patel, J . Org. , 1973, 38, 4106. R. K. Hill, J. W. Morgan, R. V. Shetty, and M. E. Synerholm, J . Amer. Chem. ,1974, 96, 4201. V. Garsky, D. F. Koster, and R. T. Arnold, J. Amer. Chem. ,1974,96, 4207. N. Bosworth and P. D. S. Perkin I, 1973, 2319. ~~~ The radical-initiated photoaddition of N-nitrosopiperidine to a-pinene, in contrast, leads to menthanes only above 0 "C(Scheme 19).

260, X = Br. Scheme 18 17' 272 K. B. Wiberg and G. W. Kline, Tetrahedron Letters, 1963, 1043; S . WolR and W. C. Agosta, J . C . S . Chem. , 1973,771. M. T. Thomas and A. G. Fallis, Tetrahedron Letters, 1973, 4687. 38 Terpenoids and Steroids X = NH,) are consistent with a ‘hot’ ion (205)273,274 and somewhat different from those arising from carbonium ions produced by the action of potassium hydroxide on pinanols. The unexpected production of the pinan-2-01 (206) in 28% yield from cismyrtanol (204; X = OH) and potassium hydroxide is explained by the capture of a hydroxide ion by the carbonium ion (207; R’ = R’ = H) so fast that the initial cis stereochemistry is retained.

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A Review of the literature published between September and August 1974 by K H Overton

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