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Mathubara. Nippon Kagaku Kaishi, 1974, 2361. 301 I. S. Aul'chenko, T. F. Gavrilova, V. 1. Moskvichev, L. A. Kheifits, N. D. Antomova, and E B. Krymskaya, Zhur. org. , 1975, 11, 738. 302 M. Miyakado, N. Ohno, H. Hirai, H. Yoshioka, and T. J. Mabry, Fhytochemistry, 1974, 13, 2881. 303 A. J. De Rossef and R. W. S. P. 3 851 006 (Chem. , 1975,82,73 245); J. W. s. P. 3 845 151 (Chem. , 1975,82, 86451). 304 C. M. Holden and D. Whittaker. Org. Magn. Resonance, 1975, 7, 125. -P. Gervais and X. Desalbres, J.

1974, 48, 2303. V. P. Yur'ev, A. V. Kuchin, T. Yakovleva, and G. A. Tolstikov, Zhur. , 1974,44,2084 (Chem. , 1975,82, 16 936). 1. Uzarewicz and A. , 1975, 49, 409 (Chem. , 1975, 83, 10 433 is incorrect). 44 Terpenoids and Steroids (225; R = 2-ketocyclopentyl), which is the sole product of oxidation using di-t-butyl Similarly di-t-butyl peroxide-catalysed free-radical addition of tetraas hydrothiophen to P-pinene yields (225; R = tetrahydr0thiophen-2-y1),~~~ expected from the previously reported diethyl phosphite addition (Vol.

Bekker, M. G. Romanyuk, T. M. Filippova, N. I. Zakharova, and C. I. Sarnokhvalov,J. Org. Chem. ),1974, 10,1873. T. Kishimoto and Y. Matsubara, Nippon Nagaku Kaishi, 1975, 701. B. Corbier and P. Teisseire, Recherches, lY74, 19, 253. H. R. Ansari and R. Clark, Tetrahedron Letters, 1975, 3085. 19 Monoterpenoids Reagents: i, HNO,; ii, LiAlH,; iii, p-TsCl-py; iv, aq. KOH; v, diethyl malonate-NaOEt; vi, aq. KOH; vii, aq. H,SO,; viii, CH,O-Et,NH; ix, PhSeH; x, BulAlH-THF; xi, Ph,P( Me)Br-NaH-DMSO. -A separate section is devoted this year to halogenated monoterpenoids: twenty-four acyclic and four cyclic compounds in this class have been reported.

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