Download e-book for kindle: A New World Order: Grassroots Movements for Global Change by Paul Ekins

By Paul Ekins

ISBN-10: 0203989597

ISBN-13: 9780203989593

ISBN-10: 0415071151

ISBN-13: 9780415071154

Ekins combines a compendium of our planet's maximum ills with stirring, real-life examples of individuals breaking out of previous moulds to turn into sensible challenge solvers.

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Are you willing to ensure that any conflicts, in which your country may be involved in the future, will be settled by peaceful means of the kind specified in Article 33 of the United Nations Charter, and not by the use or threat of force? 3) By May 1989 over 100 countries had been visited and the governments of ninety-one countries had answered YES to all five questions, including Brazil, China, India, Israel, Pakistan and the USSR, but excluding France, the UK, US and West Germany. More YES signatories are still being sought and the global network of thousands of activists which the visits have helped create are seeking ways to persuade governments to implement their pledges.

Firstly, there is the common conviction that the arms race is a male-dominated and male-inspired aberration: The hideous weapons of mass genocide may be symptoms of several male emotions, reflecting inadequate sexuality, a need continually to prove virility, and a primitive fascination with killing…. Women have a very important role to play in the world today. They must rapidly develop their own power so that they can move out into local, national and international affairs…. I don’t mean that in doing this women should abrogate their positive feminine principle of nurturing, loving and caring.

A NEW WORLD ORDER 35 Yesh Gvul (Israel) All the sources so far quoted in this study have stressed that regional tension and wars remain a significant source of global instability and human misery. No region has been more violent in recent years than the Middle East and it is there, in Israel, that a new peace movement has emerged of great importance both for Israel and further afield. The movement is called Yesh Gvul (literally ‘there is a limit’) and it consists of Israeli soldiers who are refusing to fight or serve with the Israeli Defence Forces in the Occupied Territories.

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