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By John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart

Крупнейший представитель британского неогегельянства Дж. Э. Мак-Таггарт анализирует «Науку логики» Гегеля, исследуя диалектику перехода Бытия в Абсолютную Идею. Рассматриваются ключевые понятия гегелевской логики – качество, количество, мера, сущность и явление, действительность, субъект, объект, идея.
Для философов и историков философии.

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The new Fort Hays was located seventy miles west of Fort Harker, which was near the junction of the Santa Fe and Denver City mail-stage route. Since the camp on Big Creek was headquarters, most of the regimental movements, such as scouting parties, originated there. Being close to a post provided an opportunity for social diversions and amenities, to which Mrs. Custer devoted a great deal of attention. The commander at Fort Hays was General Nelson Miles, who was later to achieve a great reputation as an Indian fighter.

Indian Prisoners 83 VIII. Corral of the Captives 98 IX. Pets of the Camp 112 X. A Slow Mule-Race 131 XI. Tales of Soldiers' Devotion and Drollery 147 XII. Wild Bill as a Magistrate 159 XIII. Home of the Buffalo 178 XIV. First Women to Hunt Buffaloes 194 XV. Hunting Records 213 XVI. Army House-Keeping 226 XVII. Necessity the Mother of Invention 241 XVIII. Garryowen Leads the Hunt 263 XIX. Army Promotions 278 XX. A Flood on Big Creek 289 XXI. Rattlesnakes as Neighbors 299 XXII. Dandy 324 Page ii Illustrations.

Custer With an Introduction by Jane R. Stewart Foreword by Robert M. Utley UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS NORMAN AND LONDON Page ad TO ONE WHO HAS FOLLOWED THE GUIDON INTO THAT REALM WHERE The war-drum throbs no longer And the battle-flags are furled. Following the Guidon is Volume 33 in The Western Frontier Library. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Custer, Elizabeth Bacon, 18421933. Following the guidon / by Elizabeth Custer: with an introduction by Jane R. Stewart; foreword by Robert M.

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