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Добро пожаловать в start in 3D, специальное издание от издателей журнала 3D global. В этом руководстве вы освоите ключевые концепции 3D. Мы дадим подсказки от экспертов, обучающие материалы и техники работы в основных пакетах. Также вы получите базовые навыки моделирования анатомии, машин из научной фантастики, различных созданий и много другого.

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After Effects users can use plug-ins such as Metropolitan with the Element 3D plug-in to create convincing cities. It’s important to build the interiors of skyscraper rooms for hero buildings, to allow convincing parallax and reflections to occur. If your deadline/budget doesn’t allow for full interior modelling, using tricks like making a couple of interiors with a picture of a room placed on a polygon card with another polygon with a texturemapped curtain, can be a solution. com/ getinto3D Create effects with particle simulations Want to learn how to tame a tornado?

Procedural textures are infinitely tilable materials that are generated by the 3D software using a set of user-defined parameters. One of the most common uses for this is to create noise in textures, which can be used to break up the regularity of image-based tiled textures. Some new procedural textures create occlusion effects to help break up the edges of meshes with tiled materials. Looking for patterns One of the keys to making efficient tiling textures or even tiled meshes is looking for the centre of the repeat.

Having the UVs means you can attach scratches if necessary. Create an environment using an HDR image and place and duplicate the ring on a plane, then position the camera for the best effect. Metal FUNDAMENTALS Better metal materials IMPROVE YOUR RENDERS OF METALLIC OBJECTS Anisotropic properties show the patterns in a brushed or polished material, and they’re everywhere in metal surfaces. Most renderers have anisotropy built-in, and it’s controlled as a direct property of the material or through the manipulation of UV maps.

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